The Founders of YSS

Gayle Gordon


Throughout Gayle Gordon’s life she has always had a heart for those deprived of a decent standard of life. Gayle has over 10 years as an instructor for foster parents, relative caregivers and those who are considering fostering as well as administrative and services in the school system.  She scripts curriculum and models the qualities of a lifelong learners.  Gayle uses her personal qualities and knowledge to fuel her ability to create strategies for enhancing learning at all levels. She utilizes  kinesthetic, tactile, and visual as well as auditory learning.

Gayle also coordinates presentation design, and uses a variety of teaching strategies while successfully challenging a diverse student population.  She is a facilitator who takes pride in her ability to engage students to participate in their learning.  Gayle is an avid learner who practices both Pedagogy and Andragogy in her teaching and she loves to enrich the lives of others. She has a Master of Arts degree from Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Springfield College School of Human Services.

She is a retiree of the County of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Unified School District and has been instrumental in several community organizations. Gayle has a passion for sharing and providing support to others. Gayle Gordon is a person with vision and purpose.

Beverly Utley

Beverly Utley is a retired employee of Los Angeles Unified School District and has worked tirelessly for over 27 years as an APSCS (Assistant Principal of Secondary Counseling Services) at Washington Prep High School, a high school academic counselor at Roosevelt High and Burbank Middle, and an elementary and middle school teacher and special education teacher at Yorkdale Elementary, and Rialto Middle.

As an Assistant Principal she has been in charge of the Special Education Department, Counseling Services, new teacher recruitment, coaching and supervision of instruction for the past 18 years.  She has given professional developments regarding inclusion, program development and adviser, instrumental in organizing honor roll assemblies, parent workshops, child abuse as mandated reporters in-services, Back to School and Open House activities.

Beverly has been an active member of the Association of Administrators, teachers and counselor organizations throughout the years and is currently involved in substitute teaching, real estate investments, and traveling the world while being happily retired for the past six years.

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